Whistle While You Work. Really. - ISOtunes Audio by Haven Technologies, Inc.

Whistle While You Work. Really.

Get the most technologically-advanced hearing protection on the market.

Certified Noise Reduction Rating? Check. No wires between the earbuds and your device? Check. Sweat and water proof? Check. Guaranteed fit and comfort? Check. And your favorite tunes too? Double-check. 

ISOtunes™ is tested and approved in compliance with OSHA standards to be used as a workplace hearing protector. So, whether you work on a construction site, in the yard, or even on a roof, you can take ISOtunes™ with you to prevent hearing loss.

But they're more than just hearing protectors. Crisp, clear tenor with a booming bass flows smoothly from the earbuds, creating an isolated music experience like you've never had before. With ISOtunes™, you really will whistle while you work.

Did you know?

In most cases of professional labor involving potentially harmful noises, hearing protection is required by employers. Before ISOtunes™, that meant either wearing earplugs or earmuffs. Not ideal. But now, how about headphones?

ISOtunes™ is the world's first Bluetooth headphones that have been proven in rigorous industrial tests to block outside noise, thereby meeting (and exceeding) OSHA and NIOSH workplace safety standards. 

So regardless of what you're working on, if it requires hearing protection, ISOtunes™ has you covered... with the added benefits of music and a noise canceling microphone for taking calls while on the job. 

Note: when using ISOtunes™ products, please be sure to take the proper safety precautions.