Total Isolation for Your Work - ISOtunes Audio by Haven Technologies, Inc.

Total Isolation for Your Work

The peace and quiet you need to get your job done

Whether you work on an assembly line, a warehouse floor, or even in a library or cubicle, work can be tedious. But noise isolation can free you from noisy workplace distractions to get your job done more efficiently. Music has transformative qualities that can allow you to not only do your job better, but do it with greater enjoyment. 

If you work in an environment where hearing protection is required, look no further. OSHA-approved ISOtunes offers the most technologically-advanced hearing protection available on the market, with the added benefit of music. 

Did you know?

Indoor work environments can be just as loud as outdoor work environments. From construction sites to manufacturing facilities, and loud offices to assembly lines, environmental noise can pose a risk to your hearing and your productivity. Isolation from that noise can help you get your job done more effectively. 

ISOtunes was engineered with these exact workers in mind: music and Bluetooth connectivity are supplemented by the added benefit of noise isolation through proven hearing protection. It's true noise isolation for a better work experience.

Note: when using ISOtunes products, please be sure to take the proper safety precautions.