Relax and Recharge - ISOtunes Audio by Haven Technologies, Inc.

Relax and Recharge

ISOtunes™ is the perfect solution for isolating yourself from your environment on crowded buses, trains and subways. 

Your daily commute should be a time to reflect, a time to think, a time to appreciate. But too often distractions get in the way, making your commute stressful and leaving you anxious... before you even get to work!

With ISOtunes™, your round-trip commute can finally be the peaceful warm-up and cool-down you’ve always wanted. Relax and recharge by cutting out the noise you don’t want to hear. Now, it really is just you and your music.

Did you know?

Mass transit systems get millions of people from point A to point B every day, but it’s not always a comfortable journey. Noise levels on subway platforms and at bus stations have been measured at well over 100 dB, more than enough to make your commute miserable.

With ISOtunes™, you can finally block out all that commuting commotion and appreciate your music the way it's supposed to be appreciated... without interruption.

Note: when using ISOtunes™ products, please be sure to take the proper safety precautions.